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Taylor 714CE: Cracked Neck

1.0 taylor 714 cracked neck.jpg 1.1 taylor 714 cracked headstock.jpg
1. Taylor Guitars makes excellent instruments. Their NT neck features a headstock that’s joined to the neck by a finger joint. It’s one tough joint that can take a lot of abuse. 2. A Cracked Neck is a fairly common problem in the world of guitars, however, finger joined headstocks typically don’t sucumb to this problem. In other words, this guitar took a hard blow. You can see that the crack spans the joint.
1.2 taylor 714 cracked fingerjoint.jpg 1.3 taylor 714 cracked neck friendly plsatic clamping caul.jpg
3. The Finger Joint has held together pretty well despite the toughknocks. Although the joint is starting to come apart a little I’m confident that a simple glue up withsome hide glue will hold things together. 4. A Clamping Caul that precisely fits the profile of this neck will be necessary for clamping the crack during glue up. I’m making this one from friendly plastic. This stuff comes from the distributor in the form of plastic pellets. I’ve melted the plastic by soaking them in hot water for a few minutes. Now I’m clamping the plastic to the neck so when it hardens as it cools the plastic will take on the shape of the neck.
1.4 taylor 714 cracked neck trimming caul.jpg 1.5 taylor 714 cracked neck dry clamp.jpg
5. Final Shaping of the Caul is necessary because the crack wasn’t closed when I clamped the plastic down. Trimming away the protruding plastic that hardened on the body side of the crack will allow me to get full contact between the caul and the headstock. 6. Dry Clamping the neck closed will allow me to ensure that I’ve got optimal clamping pressure.
1.6 taylor 714 cracked neck gluing with hide glue.jpg 1.7 taylor 714 cracked neck clamp.jpg
7. Hot Hide Glue is the glue of choice for this job. A syringe helps me get the glue deep into the crack. 8. Clamping the crack closed while the glue cures. Two c-clamps is more than enough pressure to keep things together while I leave the glue to cure overnight.
1.8 taylor 714 cracked neck.jpg 1.9 taylor 714 cracked neck.jpg
9. All Fixed Up and Ready to Go. Some clean up with warm water and this guitar is ready to go. Since the crack closed so well during glue up the crack feels smooth. 10. A Glued Neck Crack.