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Rickenbacker 4001 Repair Nut

1.0 Rickenbacker 4001 buzzing at nut.jpg 1.1_rickenbacker_4001_clean_slot.jpg
1. Nut Slots that are Too Deep will cause fret buzz when the strings are played open. These nut slots are too deep because we refretted this Rickenbacker 4001 bass. Con- sequently, the frets are now too tall for this instrument’s original bone nut. I’ll have to fill and re- cut all four nut slots. 2. Cleaning Out the Nut Slots with a nut slotting file gets rid of any dirt and oxidation in the nut slot. This insures that my filler will have fresh bone to adhere to, which fascilitates a strong bond.
1.2 Rickenbacker 4001 filling nut slot.jpg 1.3 Rickenbacker 4001 curing fill with uv light.jpg
3. Filling the Nut Slots with Composite. This is the same stuff that my dentist uses for filling cavities. It’s very strong, after all, it’s designed to stand up to the same forces of wear and tear that human teeth endure. 4. Curing the Composite with White Light. This white light gun concentrates the light necessary to cure the composite. The filling cures after one minute of exposure to the light gun.
1.4 Rickenbacker 4001 filing fill flush.jpg 1.5 Rickenbacker 4001 ready for slotting.jpg
5. Filing the Filling Flush with a swiss needle file prepares this portion of the nut for sanding and polishing. 6. Fully Cured and Polished.
1.6 Rickenbacker 4001 slotting nut.jpg 1.7 Rickenbacker 4001 graphite in nut slot.jpg
7. Recutting the Nut Slot with a nut slotting file. This composite is hard stuff. 8. Lubricating the Nut Slot with Graphite fills in any micro- scopic gaps left from the nut slotting file, insuring easy, accurate tuning. Now I’ll go back and repeat this pro- cess with each nut slot.


1.8 Rickenbacker 4001 low action at nut.jpg
9. A Nut Repaired with Dental Composite will outlast this bass’s nickel silver frets!