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Broken or Damaged Bridge Plate

What is a bridge-plate?

Attached to the inside of the top of a flat top acoustic guitar is a thin piece of wood called the bridge plate (or bridge patch) that reinforces the top and protects the spruce from the ball ends of the strings.

How does a bridge-plate become damaged?

The most common type of damage sustained by the bridge plate is wear and tare from the ball ends. In such a case, if the damage is not too extensive, the original bridge plate may be repaired by patching in fresh wood around the damaged areas or by filling the worn areas with a mixture of cyano acrylate adhesive (super glue) and wood dust.

Another common problem with the bridge plate is the development of a crack between the bridge pin holes. This is often caused by the top of the guitar warping from a lifting bridge or near by brace failure (braces on the underside of the top of the guitar coming loose from the top). If the plate is broken or cracked too severally it should be replaced.