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Play-ability for the Proletariat

1.0 Bourgeois adjust bone saddle.JPG 1.1 Bourgeois adjust bone saddle stiff action.JPG
1. A Bourgeois. This guitar is in the shop for a setup. 2. The Action is a little stiff for the owner’s tastes so I already adjusted the truss rod and checked the nut slots.
1.2 Bourgeois adjust bone saddle compensated bone saddle.JPG 1.3 Bourgeois adjust bone saddle measure action.JPG
3. Lowering the Saddle is the final step of the setup. I will adjust the saddle so the 6th string will be 3/32″ from the top of the 12th fret and the 1st string will be 2/32″ from the top of the 12th fret. 4. Measuring the Action The bottom of the 6th string is 7/64″ above the top of the 12th fret. The same measurement for the 1st string is 5/64″.
1.4 Bourgeois adjust bone saddle set marking gauge.JPG 1.5 Bourgeois adjust bone saddle mark saddle with pencil.JPG
5. Layout is Key to an accurate saddle adjustment. I like the 1/32″ difference between the 1st and 6th strings so I’ll remove 1/32″ from the bottom of the saddle across it’s length. 6. A Saddle “Marking-Gauge” gives me an accurate line to sand to. Since I want to lower the action at the 12th fret by 1/64″ I need to remove twice that amount from the bottom of the saddle.
1.6 Bourgeois adjust bone saddle lower action with disc sander.JPG 1.7 Bourgeois adjust bone saddle hand sand saddle.JPG
7. A Disc Sander removes most of the pencil-marked bone. 8. Hand Sanding the bottom of the saddle square on a flat granite slab with 80 grit sand- paper gets rid of the grinder marks. I’ll follow up with 2,000 grit to ensure maximum flatness.
1.8 Bourgeois adjust bone saddle polish saddle bottom and round edges.JPG 1.9 Bourgeois adjust bone saddle round ends of saddle bottom.JPG
9. Softening the Edges of the bottom of the saddle will ensure a snug fit in the saddle slot. 10. Rounding the Ends of the saddle will also prevent the saddle from hanging up on any microscopic burrs or debris in the bottom of the saddle slot.
2.0 Bourgeois adjust bone saddle check action.JPG 2.1 Bourgeois adjust bone saddle low action.JPG
11. Low Action has made the guitar easier to play. 12. The Original Saddle appears as it did before the set up, just with a little less protrusion above the bridge.