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LSR Roller Nut Installation


1.0 strat lsr nut installation aftermarket strat neck.JPG 1.1 lsr nut installation stock string nut.JPG
1. A Replacement Neck for a Fender stratocaster. The owner of this guitar wanted a new, whammy bar friendly nut to replace the one that this aftermarket neck came with. 2. A Conventional Nut cut from bone or the myriad of man- made materials such as graphite don’t really keep a guitar in tune when the player repeatedly dive bombs with a whammy bar. A lock- ing nut is a good option but what if you’re not interested in using and or retrofitting your guitar with a floyd rose style trem? A popular solution for those guitarists who find them- selves in this predicament is the L.S.R. roller nut.
1.2 lsr nut installation scoring the lacquer removing the nut.JPG 1.3 strat lsr nut installation nut removed.JPG
3. Removing the Nut in the usual fashion. I’m scoring the finish around the nut, then I’ll gently pull it free with flush ground end-nippers. 4. The L.S.R. Roller Nut is too big to fit into this guitar’s con- ventional nut seat. Actually, that’s a good thing because the leading contact surface of the LSR is the point at which the strings pass over the ball bearings. Therefore, the ball-bearings must be located precisely where the original nut’s leading edge was.
1.4 strat lsr nut installation scoring fretboard for layout.JPG 1.5 strat lsr nut installation cross cut fence.JPG
5. Lay Out is crucial for precisely expanding the nut seat to accom- modate the LSR. I’m using the inside measuring tines of the shop’s calipers as a marking gauge to score a cross- cut line in the fretboard. 6. A Fence to guide the backsaw during the crosscut will ensure a straight and square cut.
1.6 strat lsr nut installation cutting the fretboard.JPG 1.7 strat lsr nut installation paring fretboard with chisel.JPG
7. Sawing the Fretboard with a Japanese dozuki saw. I’m using my left hand to lightly push the saw against the fence in order to keep the cut square. 8. Removing the Waste with a sharp chisel.
1.8 strat lsr nut installation drilling pilot holes.JPG 1.9 strat lsr nut installation shims.JPG
9. Drilling Pilot Holes for the screws that will hold the LSR in place. 10. Shims come with the LSR. I’ll shim the nut where necessary to help ensure optimal playability.
2.0 strat lsr nut installation.JPG 2.1 strat lsr nut installation.JPG
11. Improved Tuning Stability during string bends and whammy bar use are possible with this nut because the ball bearings reduce the nut’s resistence to the strings as they pass back and forth over the nut. Also, the strings are muted after they pass over the bearings. This eliminates the need for string trees which further reduces friction. 12. An L.S.R. Roller Nut Retrofit.